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Appearances before City Agencies
Campaign Contributions
Doing Business with the City


I am a city employee, but also do work as a landscape architect. May I represent a private client before the Urban Design Commission?
No, city employees may not appear on behalf of private interests before any city agency.

I serve on a city board that hears appeals from a city office. May I appear before that office on behalf of paying clients?
Xổ số Tây Ninh tuần trước No, a city board member may not appear on behalf of a private interest before the city office that issues decisions which are appealed to the board on which the member serves.

What are the city's guidelines for board members' representing others before city agencies?

1. Board members may not appear before their own board on behalf of other entities or in the public’s interest.
2. Board members may not appear on behalf of their own business, clients, or other private interests before the city office or department that is regulated by the public board on which they serve.
3. Board members may not appear on behalf of private interests before the department that is related to or provides oversight of the public board on which they serve.

Xổ số Tây Ninh tuần trước5. Board members may appear before the City Council and its committees in their own behalf and on behalf of private interests.


Campaign Contributions

Does the City have any laws governing campaign contributions?
, the campaign contribution reports of candidates for municipal office must be filed with the City's Office of the Municipal Clerk.

Where can I view campaign finance data?
Contact the Municipal Clerk about filings of campaign disclosure reports by candidates and city officeholders and filings of state financial disclosure statements by city officials. Contact the about state campaign finance laws and filings by statewide and legislative candidates and officeholders

Where can I file a complaint?
Complaints alleging violations of state campaign finance laws should be filed with the . Complaints alleging improper use of city property by candidates should be filed with the Ethics Office.


Doing Business with the City

Can our department hire one of our employees to perform a small job for us?

No. A city employee may provide goods and services to the city through a personally owned business only under limited circumstances: the business must be conducted by sealed competitive bid or a request for proposal that is awarded at an open meeting.



Are persons who want to lobby the City of Atlanta required to register?
Yes, state law requires local lobbyists to register with the .

Does the City have any separate requirement that lobbyists register with it?
No, the City of Atlanta does not have any local law regulating lobbyists.


Post-employment (one-year cooling off period)

Does the City have any restrictions on what employees may do after they leave the city?
Yes. For one year after leaving the city, former employees may not appear before any city agency for pay. They are also prohibited from receiving compensation for any services in connection with any matter about which they were directly concerned, personally participated, actively considered, or gained knowledge while with the city.



What are the city's guidelines for solicitations?
1. The official or employee must solicit in an official capacity
2. The solicitation must be made for a city purpose, project, or program
3. City officials and employees should not solicit from any one currently bidding on a city project or in active contract negotiations with the City
4. The fund-raising campaign should not target prohibited sources
5. Solicitations may be requested from city contractors or vendors only as part of a broad public appeal for support
6. The gift must be given to the City of Atlanta or one of its agencies
7. The gift must be publicly disclosed on an online gift report form
8. The gift cannot be calculated to influence any vote, decision, or official action

Can I ask city contractors to donate to a charity?
Xổ số Tây Ninh tuần trướcNo. A city employee may not personally solicit a charitable contribution from a prohibited source on behalf of a non-profit group, professional organization, or other private entity.



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