Financial Disclosure

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City Financial Disclosure Laws
The Code of Ethics requires the annual disclosure of financial statements to enable the public to review the assets and income sources of city officials and employees for actual and potential conflicts of interest between the individual’s official duties and personal interests. The filing deadline is February 15, unless the board votes to extend the deadline.

Who Is Required to File The Code of Ethics requires city elected officials, approximately 10 percent of the city's work force, city board members, and neighborhood planning unit officers to file the annual financial disclosure statement. Required filers must submit a statement every year that they serve the city and the year after they leave city service.

Electronic Disclosure System City officials and employees are required to file their annual financial disclosure statements online in the . Persons who are 65 years of age or older may seek a waiver from the online filing requirement and file hard (paper) copies of their financial disclosure statements by mail or hand delivery.

Other City Disclosure Requirements

  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure - disclose recusal from voting on legislation or decisions
  • Gifts to City - disclose gifts given to city office or department
  • Travel Disclosure Report - disclose travel funded by non-city sources
Administrative Appeals
A person found delinquent or owing a fine has a right to appeal that decision. The person must file a disclosure statement before seeking an administrative review by the Ethics Officer or appealing an administrative decision to the Board of Ethics.

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