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Ethics Cases
The Board of Ethics investigates and brings enforcement actions against city officials, employees, and prohibited sources that violate the Code of Ethics. Many cases begin as a complaint to the Ethics Office or the Integrity Line. The office may refer complaints to other agencies when appropriate. Complaints may be file anonymously. For information about prior cases, go to at the Atlanta Ethics website.

Reporting Violations
To report an ethics violation or file a complaint, you may:

If the board finds the ethics code has been violated, it has the authority to impose an administrative sanction of up to $1,000 for each violation, issue a public reprimand, and order the recovery of any gratuity transferred or received. The board may also recommend that the City discipline employees and suspend or disqualify contractors.

Enforcement Process

  • Investigations. The Ethics Office conducts a preliminary investigation into all complaints alleging violations of Code Sections 2-801 to 2-824 of the City's Code of Ordinances.
  • Probable Cause. The Ethics Officer reports to the board whether there is probable cause to believe that the Code of Ethics has been violated. If the board finds probable cause, it sets the matter down for a public enforcement hearing.
  • Enforcement Hearing. At the public hearing, the respondent or person charged has the right to present evidence and be represented by counsel. The board has the power to issue subpoenas to compel persons to appear, give testimony, or produce evidence.
  • Settlement Agreement. The ethics officer has authority to enter into settlement agreements, which the board must approve.
  • Enforcing Orders. If a person fails to comply with a board order, the board may refer the matter to the city solicitor for prosecution in Municipal Court.

Contact Info
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Suite 12130
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Tel: 404.330.6286
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