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Ethics Training
The Ethics Office offers classroom training programs to educate city officials and employees about the city's ethical standards, how to comply with the Code of Ethics, and how to avoid the appearance of impropriety. In addition to the city-wide workshops, which are open to any employee or board member, the Ethics Office conducts workshops for individuals boards or departments on request.

  • Doing the Right Thing: Compliance Isn't Enough - a two-hour workshop for employees on ethical values, gratuities, and conflicts of interest. Using exercises and case studies, the Ethics Officer presents a short vignette that raises an ethical question, leads a discussion in which participants examine the issue, and then explains how the issue was decided.
  • Atlanta's Code of Ethics: Promoting the Public Trust - a one-hour presentation for new employees on gratuities, outside employment, and use of city property. The goal is for employees to think critically about various situations so that they can identify and resolve conflicts of interest that arise in the workplace.
  • Doing the Right Thing: Both Reality and Appearance Matter - a two-hour workshop for citizens serving on city boards and commissions, as city representatives on other public boards, and as neighborhood planning unit officers. Participants should come away with an understanding of the ethical standards that apply to their service as volunteer city officials.
  • There's No Free Lunch: Atlanta's Gift Rules - a 30-minute Lunch and Learn session on the city's gift rules.

Xổ số Tây Ninh tuần trướcTo review a schedule of upcoming workshops, go to the webpage at the Atlanta Ethics website.

Ethics Pledges
Xổ số Tây Ninh tuần trướcAll newly hired employees are asked to sign an Employee Ethics Pledge, and all departing employees are asked to pledge that they will abide by the city's one-year cooling-off period. Other employees, city elected officials, board members, and neighborhood planning unit officers are asked to sign an ethics pledge after they receive ethics training. The ethics pledge informs employees and officials about the city's ethical standards and asks them to place the city's best interests above their own financial and personal interests.

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