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Board of Ethics
Citizens Review Board
Civil Service Board
City of Atlanta Commission on Aging
General Fund Pension Board
Water and Sewer Appeals Board

Atlanta City Employees Credit Union (ACECU) originated in 1928 to serve the employees of The City of Atlanta. As many Credit Unions, ACECU is a not-for-profit for service cooperative owned by all of its members. ACECU offers a wide range of products and services to meet the financial needs of its members.

Atlanta CIO Advisory Board
The Atlanta Chief Information Officer (CIO) Advisory Board was created by the Department of Atlanta Information Management (AIM) CIO, Gary Brantley to establish Atlanta as a leader at the forefront of cutting-edge thought and innovation. The advisory board members are comprised of trusted leaders throughout Atlanta who bring knowledge from both private and public sectors. They are vital to continue propelling the city forward by shaping how Atlanta integrates cross-sectional cultures, thoughts and initiatives into the city’s technology infrastructure.

Advisory Committee On International Relations
The Advisory Committee on International Relations seeks to establish a more meaningful dialogue between various international groups and the City's elected officials.

Atlanta Commission on Women
Xổ số Tây Ninh tuần trước The Atlanta Commission on Women studies, addresses and advocates issues affecting the quality of life, status and well being of today's women and girls in Atlanta.

Established in 1913, ACVB is a private, nonprofit organization created exclusively to market metro Atlanta and Georgia as a premier convention, meeting and leisure destination in the regional, national and international marketplace and to favorably impact the Atlanta economy through conventions and tourism.

Atlanta Coordinating Responsible Authority (ACoRA)
ACoRA administers the City's remaining Title XX funds for the purpose of assisting community development corporations and other public and private sector organizations in providing economic, social welfare and administrative services to facilitate the revitalization of Renewal Community (RC) neighborhoods.

Invest Atlanta provides the mechanism for consistent policies regarding development within the City of Atlanta.

To direct the coordinated work efforts of others in mitigating, preparing and planning for, responding to, and recovering from emergencies and disasters. Emergency Management is a term used to describe the steps taken by governments to plan, organize and prepare for the saving of lives, protection of property and the recovery from the effects of an emergency, disaster or catastrophe.

Atlanta/Fulton County Land Bank Authority
The Land Bank Authority acquires tax delinquent properties of any City or County land which can be used to provide housing, new industry and jobs for residents of the county.

The Atlanta/Fulton County Public Library Board of Trustees is responsible for constructing, operating and maintaining all library facilities and services.

Atlanta/Fulton County Recreation Authority
The Atlanta/Fulton County Recreation Authority is authorized to acquire, construct, equip, maintain and operate sports, recreation and zoological facilities for the City of Atlanta.

(AHA) Board of Commissioners
AHA Board of Commissioners provides safe and sanitary dwellings to persons of low income at affordable rental rates.

Atlanta Human Relations Board

Xổ số Tây Ninh tuần trước The Atlanta Human Relations Board provides an effective vehicle for addressing illegal discrimination in public accommodations, private employment and housing in the City.

Atlanta General Employee Pension Board
The General Pension Board of Trustees manages the General Employees Pension Fund.

APAB serves to advise the City on city-wide issues, goals and objectives relative, but not limited to the Comprehensive Development Plan, land use, zoning transportation, environmental quality, license review, parks and open spaces. APAB also advises the City on matters relating to citizen organizations and participation in the planning process.

ANDP develops mixed income housing that includes very low, low-to-moderate and market rate housing. In addition, ANDP advocates public policies that promote healthy communities and establishes appropriate partnerships.

ARC serves as the area planning agency, reviews applications for loans and grants made to the U.S. Government by local authorities, as well as reviews and recommends changes in area plans.

The Atlanta Sister Cities Commission facilitates exchange programs between Atlanta and corresponding foreign networks, which was born from the 1956 Presidential "People-to-People" program.

Xổ số Tây Ninh tuần trước The Tree Conservation Commission is a citizen board, appointed by the Mayor and City Council Members of the City of Atlanta to assist in the protection, maintenance, and regeneration of the trees and other forest resources of Atlanta. The Commission hears and decides appeals of decisions of administrative officials related to trees. The Commission also keeps a record of historic and landmark trees and oversees educational and other programs to encourage proper management and maintenance of trees in the City of Atlanta.

Atlanta Workforce Development Agency (AWDA)
AWDA provides for the needs of the residents of Atlanta in becoming and remaining gainfully employed.


The Board of Ethics works to ensure that city officials and employees do not have conflicts of interests and place the City's best interests above their own financial and personal interests.

Buckhead CID meets the challenges resulting from Buckhead's rapid, primarily automobile-based growth. Improving traffic mobility; enhancing the pedestrian environment; creating better access to public transit; initiating intra-district transportation alternatives; encouraging better integration of land uses; and improving linkages to the region's automobile, transit and bicycle networks.

Budget Commission
The Budget Commission annually prepares and files with the Appropriations Committee revenue anticipations; allocate for debt service, sinking fund and other bond indebtedness. Otherwise accordingly adjusts the budget.


Citizen's Service Planning Review Commission
The Citizen's Service Planning Review Commission studies City services and presents reports outlining any action the City should take to improve service delivery and reduce costs.

Civil Service Board
Section 114-79 of the City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances states, “There shall be a civil service board, which shall be the official protector of the civil service system. The Civil Service Board shall consist of five (5) members, who shall be appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Council and shall hold office for a term of three (3) years.  The Mayor can also assign three (3) additional ad hoc board members.”

The Civil Service Board is made up of citizens of the City of Atlanta recommended by the Mayor and confirmed by the Atlanta City Council.

Citizen Review Board
The Citizen Review Board's primary goal is to review grievances of citizens who have complaints against any member of the Atlanta Police or Corrections Departments.

Commission on Aging
Xổ số Tây Ninh tuần trước The Commission on Aging addresses special needs for the elderly, as it relates to City services delivery; including, but not limited to: traffic and transportation (pedestrian walks, traffic signals, etc.), solid waste services and public safety issues.

Commission on Homelessness directs the implementation of the Blueprint to End Homelessness in Atlanta in ten Years.

Contract Compliance Hearing Officers
The Contract Compliance Hearing Officers hold hearings upon an appeal by any contractor, bidder or offeror in the event of non-compliance or denial of certification.

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council develops and coordinates communications among all components of the Criminal Justice system and with the residents.


The DeKalb County Board of Health exercises responsibility and authority in all matters within the county pertaining to health unless the responsibility for enforcement of such is by law that of another agency.

The Downtown Atlanta Community Improvement District (CID) was formed to provide clean, safe and hospitable services to downtown commercial property owners over a 200-block radius. The Downtown CID represents approximately 341 property owners.


Eastside TAD Advisory Board
Provides economic incentives necessary to encourage private and public development in order to generate necessary growth in Downtown jobs and residents. The desired result is an attractive, bustling 24-hour downtown.

Elected Officials Compensation Board
Elected Officials Compensation Board makes recommendations as to salaries of the Mayor, Council president, Council members and Board of Education members.

The Board of Ethics was created to carry out the mission of the City's charter as it relates to ethics in municipal government.


Fireman's Pension Board of Trustees
Fireman's Pension Board of Trustees manages the Fireman's Pension Fund.

Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority assists low-income residents in Fulton County and the City achieve self-sufficiency.


General Pension Board of Trustees
The General Pension Board of Trustees manages the General Employees Pension Fund.


Human Relations Commission (HRC)
The City of Atlanta has established a Human Relations Commission (HRC) to promote mutual respect and understanding within the city of Atlanta. The HRC investigates and hears complaints regarding discrimination, makes recommendations on how to resolve such complaints, and initiates activities in keeping with its mission.


In Rem Review Board
The In Rem Review Board conducts public hearings for owners of property determined by the Bureau of Buildings to be unfit for human habitation or use. The Board also determines and notifies owners of problems in addition to suggesting corrective action.


Judicial Commission
The Judicial Commission nominates candidates for Mayoral appointments to the following positions in the Municipal court: Associate Judge, City Solicitor, Public Defender and Pro Hac Vice Judge.


The Keep Atlanta Beautiful Board coordinates neighborhood clean up initiatives and participates in select program initiatives.


The License Review Board reviews applications for permits, other than work and taxicab, issued under the police power of the City. The LRB also conducts hearings on any charges brought against any licensee.

The Living Wage Independent Review Commission is charged with studying the viability of enacting a living wage ordinance. This requires certain groups of employers who hold City contracts and conduct business with City government to pay their workers a minimum per hour wage plus health benefits and vacation. In addition sick leave or a higher minimum wage without such benefits are also areas of focus.


The MARTA Board of Directors exists for purposes of planning, designing, leasing, purchasing, acquiring, holding, owning, constructing, improving, administering and operating a rapid transit system within the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Municipal Market Board of Directors/Sweet Auburn Curb Market
The Municipal Market Board of Directors sets policy for the continued daily operation of the Sweet Auburn Curb Market.


People TV Board of Directors (PTV)
PTV is responsible for the daily operation of a public television access channel in Atlanta. The Board makes TV equipment, facilities and cable casting time available to residents of the City.

Piedmont Park Conservancy (PPC)
The Piedmont Park Conservancy seeks to preserve and protect Piedmont Park as a viable green space and cultural site for the City.

Policemen's Pension Board of Trustees
The Policemen's Pension Board of Trustees manages the Police Pension Fund.

Procurement Appeals Hearing Officers
Procurement Appeals Hearing Officers hold contractor appeal hearings.

Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC)
Public Arts Advisory Committee acts as an on-going advisory group to the City’s public art programs.


SEP Advisory Board (Greenway Acquisition Project)
SEP assist the City in the development of a Greenway Acquisition Plan. It provides advice regarding development, management and implementation of the project, as well as recommendations regarding suggestions from minority community neighborhood groups.


Taxicabs & Vehicles for Hire Hearing Board
Taxicabs & Vehicles for Hire Hearing Board serves as fact finder regarding charges brought by the City's Bureau of Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire against individuals and entities for violation of regulations.

The Tree Conservation Commission assists the City in establishing and maintaining records of historic, specimen and special trees. The Commission also hears and decides appeals of decisions for administrative officials.


Urban Design Commission
The Urban Design Commission holds public hearings for Council nominations for designation of buildings, sites and districts. The Commission also regulates the City's historic preservation regulations and decisions regarding applications for certifications of appropriateness.


Water and Sewer Appeal Board
The Water and Sewer Appeals Board is an independent board made up of citizens appointed by the Atlanta City Council. The board hears appeals from other citizens regarding their formal dispute decisions determined by Watershed Management.

Westside TAD Downtown Advisory Committee
The Westside TAD Downtown Advisory Committee advises the City and the Atlanta Development Authority (ADA) on projects to be funded by the Westside TAD bond proceeds.

Westside TAD Neighborhood Advisory Committee
The Westside TAD Neighborhood Advisory Committee advises the City and the Atlanta Development Authority (ADA) on the Atlanta Coordinating Responsible Authority (ACoRA) projects to be funded by the Westside TAD Bond proceeds.

Woodruff Park Advisory Committee
The Woodruff Park Advisory Committee provides oversight for the management and preservation of Woodruff Park.


Zoning Review Board (ZRB)
Xổ số Tây Ninh tuần trước The ZRB conducts public hearings on amendments to the zoning ordinance of the City and on applications.



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